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• Take note of peak periods for weddings in Singapore (late August to January) as venue and vendor prices may increase then, or be fully booked. • Send out invitations for overseas guests. SingHealth 2020: Defining Tomorrow’s Medicine, Pinterest boards for dresses, table settings, flowers, LESSONS LEARNT: A REAL BRIDE ON PROTECTING YOURSELF WHEN WORKING WITH A WEDDING VENDOR, 6 THINGS NOT TO DO AT YOUR BRIDAL APPOINTMENT, DO I PAY FOR THE DRESS? • Pass your marriage license to your wedding officiant. Now that you're in the middle of wedding planning, you should also be aware that there's one important task to do before your marriage can be officially recognized by the Singapore government. • If you’re planning on getting married outside of the ROM premises, a licensed solemniser’s services will be required for the ceremony. of reserved table. More details will be released by MOM later. View all healthcare financing schemes & subsidies available in Singapore such as MediShield Life, CareShield Life, MediSave, CHAS and ElderShield. About Blog is your all-in-one source for wedding planning, ideas, and advice. This explained if you book your wedding banquet early, … WEDDING GUIDELINES (10/23/19) Saint Alphonsus Parish 2030 Constance Street, New Orleans, LA 70130-5004 St. Mary’s Assumption Church St. Mary’s Chapel 923 Josephine Street … Continue reading "Wedding Guidelines" Tips: Leave the Kwa at your spouse’s house as you are suppose to change it during the tea ceremony over his house. – 10 Best Place to Shop for your Bridesmaid Dresses. Faber Peaks, the only hilltop wedding destination in Singapore at an altitude of 106m, is possibly also one of the most romantic wedding venues. • Remember to inform your bridal party in advance of any shopping trips or appointments in advance. A wedding MC can make the night smooth sailing, or can tax everyone's fun by being too in-your-face about the little rules. This is it, the big day. • Ask them for their budget if they’re paying for their own outfits. Aim to get the final count on who’s coming. • Give emergency contacts to your vendors, and the contacts  of your wedding venue’s staff in case of any last-minute changes or issues. There’s so many factors to consider before looking for the right wedding venue. • For those planning to get married in a Catholic church, you’ll have to book at least one year in advance now. With the right styling and decor, you too can have a charming and nostalgic wedding. ▪Shop for Guo Da Li with your Parents • Know what to eat to prevent bloating on your big day. • Sign up for an exercise class to get in shape for your wedding. Suggested to read: – 嫁妆: Dowry Chinese Wedding Preparation, ▪Other Things you Might Consider to Book: This is will eliminate any rude shocks. If you’re aiming to impress your guests with a meticulously orchestrated menu and unique entertainment options, you’ll have to confirm these arrangements early. Get the wedding gears in motion by securing a wedding venue, and by looking and feeling your best. Aim to stick to one colour palette or theme to avoid confusion. ▪Book your Wedding Venue • Book your wedding venue; months from late  August to January, are particularly popular so you’ll need to book early. ▪Groom to pick up the rental car and hand bonquet. ▪Buy your Engagement Rings with your Spouse • Have your church rehearsal and run through the day’s duties with the attendants. • Prepare to bring any other documents or additional accessories needed for the ceremony. – 20 Wedding Hair and Makeup artist in Singapore that are highly raved, ▪Go for your Pre-Wedding Photography Shoot.  The reception will be work for you. Have a fuss-free wedding dress rental process with our help. ▪Shop for Gatecrash Props. As you prepare to visit us again, please know that we have made updates on the new visiting guidelines based on government regulations. • Confirm that out-of-town guests have received invitations and settled accommodation details. – 20 Awesome Bridal Shop in Singapore Book your Wedding Car Rental Service Suggested to read: – How men and women choose their wedding car in Singapore – 8 Most Popular Wedding Cars You Can Rent in Singapore Invite your Bridesmaid and Groomsmen to Help you on your Actual Day Wedding. ▪Send a Thank You Message For All Helpers and Guests Until then, citizens are advised to continue wearing masks in public, practising safe distancing, refraining from talking when on public transport, and maintaining good personal hygiene. Watch on Youtube: ▪Arrange a dinner for parents, in-laws and partners to discuss on wedding expectations. Also read: AVOID DOING THESE 6 THINGS A WEEK BEFORE YOUR WEDDING! Typically, couples are likely to spend within a range of $30,000 to $100,000 on this once-in-a-lifetime event, depending on how lavish they want their wedding to be. #8 Follow the order of the service in the programme, if one is provided. ▪Bring your Mum and your Mother in Law to Shop for their Dresses. Following seven months of dialogue and deliberation, the Citizens’ Workgroup for the Singapore Citizenship Journey has submitted their report, “Being at Home: A Welcome Letter from Singaporeans”, to the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). Any updates can communicate through Watsapp and send through email. This is where the list you made the day before comes in handy—simply tick off items one by one as you pack. Apart from the safe management principles, specific rules will apply to the following events and settings: a. Suggested to Read: • Inform your bridesmaids of their duties ahead of time to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. Ion Orchard is the best to do your wedding rings shopping with your spouse. Try out Lifesum, an app that lets you track your meals and plan a diet best suited to your needs. Ask staff about such arrangements. • Start attending wedding shows and scouting for locations. • Pass any place cards or favours to your events manager or location staff for them to arrange on site if possible. Participants in a wedding can be split into multiple zones of up to 50 persons each, or split by staggered timings with up to 50 persons in each slot. At least 1 metre safe distancing must be observed between groups, as well as between the “wedding party” and other groups, at all times, including for photo-taking. restaurants, hotels) Send a copy of the details to those who are helping you including photogrpahers, videographer and makeup artist. ▪Finalize All Details ▪Return all Loaned Items. • Finalise honeymoon details and start your packing. – Pre Wedding Photoshoot Checklist: What to Bring and Prepare • Here’s what (and who) to bring along to your bridal appointments. This was raised to the current limit of 20 in phase two of Singapore's reopening on June 19, for marriages taking place at places of worship, common areas of … Hard Rock Cafe Singapore. – Top 3 Photo and Animation wedding montage service in Singapore, ▪Make your own Wedding Ang Pow Box or Guest Book if you are Planning to Do It Yourself. Leave the job to the bridemaids if they are creative enough. For example, if it is a beach wedding, we would recommend a let down romantic hairstyle whereas for a solemn church wedding, it will usually go well with a clean updo with veil. The notes should be sent within 3 months after the wedding. • Arrange for a bridesmaid to be by your side throughout the day – this takes the stress off you. You won’t be able to plan your wedding without first determining your budget, and your guest list. Consider signing up with a facial package to help you save more.Â, ▪Book a Pre-Wedding Photoshoot: For the wedding album All that’s left is to enjoy your wedding! Suggested to read: • Confirm that your gowns and those of your bridesmaids will be ready on time. ▪Draw up Your Tentative Guest List. Stick to a trim and touch-up, nothing too drastic—now’s not the time to get experimental. • Get your gown and tux dry leaned or returned to the rental shop. • Settle any outstanding bills, and issue hongbaos or tips if you (or your best man) haven’t done so already. One month down, eleven more to go. • Get your guests a practical memento, such as coasters, personalised tumblers, or tote bags. Guidelines on Choosing a Wedding Video Package Choosing a wedding video packages can be a tad difficult, especially with its many jargons that can easily confuse a layperson. • Try to stay off your feet as much as possible, especially if you’ll be wearing heels. Guidelines for Getting Married outside the Archdiocese of Singapore (Overseas) Notify your Singapore parish as soon as possible in order to meet the timeline required by the overseas Diocese you are intending to get married at. Suggested to read: Before you visit. This is base on personal experience as well as most of my friends. ▪Confirm Banquet Menu, Décor, Chair Covers, Linen and Invitation Card Details with your Banquet Manager. ▪Schedule a Final Dress Fittings for your Gowns and Suit. ft of indoor and outdoor dining and drinking space enviably sits on a prime spot upon Singapore’s finest and most prestigious golf club, set against the scintillatingly South China Sea, offering a relaxing … Always get either 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10 bridesmaid/brothers to help you. ▪Enjoy your Bridal Shower or Hen’s Night. The closest thing you can get to an underwater wedding in Singapore is a celebration at the Ocean Gallery at the S.E.A. If the total number of attendees is between 50 to 100 persons, attendees must be split into multiple zones of up to 50 persons in a zone. Make sure you make a reservation at the restaurant first to avoid any disappointment when you turn get turn down by a fully booked restaurant. Send them the itinerary if you have not do so. • Work with photographers whose style aligns with your own. 8 THINGS You Should Know, HDB Key collection process: BTO Singapore, 37 Parent Support Groups on Facebook Singapore Parent Loves To Hang Out At, Slow Fetus Growth & Small Gestational Sac: End of my pregnancy. ▪Order your Wedding Catering Food During your Big Day. ▪Arrange a Meet Up Session with the Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Find out all the information about registering civil marriage and its procedures that are required by law. No, we’re not referring to your future spouse, but your wedding gown! Tips: Choose 1 Song  for Solemnization March-in and 2 other Song for Banquet Hall March-in. Please refer to the safe management measures and FAQs for marriage solemnisations and wedding receptions here . • The solemniser will be required to sign a consent form which will be necessary when filing for marriage later on. Wedding solemnizations at home and at ROM or ROMM may take place with up to ten persons (excluding the Solemnizer). Up to 5 patrons (friends and family) are allowed be seated together without the 1m distancing requirement. • The list doesn’t have to be finalised just yet- just work out who you and your fiance would like to invite, and whittle down the numbers as you go along. • If not, prepare these items to be brought on-site when you can start setting up. • Get your rings cleaned and polished so that they shine extra brightly on your big day. • Make sure you inform your guests of any code or name the reservation was made under so they’ll have an easier time when booking accommodation. From 3 October 2020, we will be expanding the current pilot for wedding receptions to allow up to 100 unique attendees (including the wedding couple, excluding vendors and service providers) in total, subject to premise capacity. • Make sure to sneak a few bites in between the mingling & speeches—it’ll make a huge difference. Talk about what type of wedding you want, how you want your day to feel, and whom you want to celebrate with. Things you might need to get are wedding shoes, nu bra, eyelash glue, jewellry, colours pens for the guest book, ring pillow and his tie, shoes, shirt etc. Faber Peaks offers the luxury of four scenic dining areas to choose from -The Ballroom, Private Dining Room, Spuds & Apron and The Garden for both your wedding banquet and wedding solemnization ceremony. Finally he proposed to you and you are so excited about it but at the same time you can feel the tension for the wedding preparation. Planning your wedding in Singapore? • Remember to have your gown, veil, and tux steamed or pressed before your big day! You’re halfway there! Before you and your now-spouse enjoy a honeymoon filled with wedded bliss, there’s the matter of getting things sorted and returned after the ceremony. Tips: Remember to check with your parents and in laws on the details before sending it for printing. A Simplified Guide to Registration of Marriage (ROM) in Singapore on Bridestory blog. Following customs, the couple will visit the groom’s side first, and then return to the bride’s home after the bride changes into a kua (Chinese wedding dress). Suggested to read: For example, if it is a beach wedding, we would recommend a let down romantic hairstyle whereas for a solemn church wedding, it will usually go well with a clean updo with veil. • If you prefer to work out at home, try out apps like Nike Fitness Club that have a variety of workout plans, or these bodyweight exercises. ▪Prepare Tokens and Ang Pow for Those Who Help You My guest may use the 2018 wedding banquet prices for that hotel to derive the wedding ang bao rates which is 15 to 20% higher. @ All Right Reserved Bride to Mum. • Get your veil and gown steamed or pressed early if necessary. Broadly, that means speeches happen towards the end of the meal. Therefore, consider booking your trip from TripAdvisor, expedia or Agoda. It’s time to settle the serious stuff so you can get legally wed. • Prepare the necessary documents to legalise your marriage. 3. – 16 Best Guo Da Li Cakes Shops you will love. In some cases, you might be distracted by the overpriced, flashy frills that you don’t really want; while in other cases, you might encounter a fancy-sounding package that has a rather disappointing sample. • Check out online for printables for a more budget-friendly option! ▪Send a final reminder to your helper, photograpaher, solemizer, make up artist and guests. Shortlist two or three hotels to suit a range of budgets so that your guests have options. • Get recommendations from friends and family for wedding venues and wedding vendors. – Choosing a bridal shop? In Phase Two, wakes and funerals may be held at venues that are open to the public or for bookings, including funeral parlours, places of worship and HDB void decks. ▪Start Planning for your Honeymoon! • Get a soothing facial to make sure that your skin looks radiant on your big day! • Do so on social media with an eye-catching post. Each wedding couple will be allowed to hold one wedding reception, including food and drinks, with up to 50 attendees including the couple throughout … • Key in appointment dates and times into your standard calendar app or try out a wedding-specific calendar app like LadyMarry which provides: checklist or timetable for your wedding planning, helpful tips and a countdown to your wedding date. • Get recommendations from friends and family for wedding venues and wedding vendors. • Organise and finalise seating arrangements. Q8: What are the restrictions for funerals and wakes? The Bible gives no specific pattern or order to define exactly what should be included, so there's room for your creative touches. Go online to get some inspiration! The theme of your wedding determines how we would advise on the looks. Suggested to read: • Ask about extra plates/ servings in case of last-minute attendees. Suggested to read: 1. • Confirm all wedding vendors – flowers, props, music, and catering. It’s common knowledge that getting married in Singapore can be an expensive affair. Make an appointment for a pre-nuptial interview with a priest from the parish. • Confirm all wedding decor, bouquets, centrepieces. ▪Send out all Wedding Invites. There’s so many factors to consider before looking for the right wedding venue. ▪Pick up your Wedding Gowns, Attire and Accessories The Arts House. After the 10-person limit was announced, their wedding vendor Royal Palm at Orchid Country Club sent the couple an e-mail to say they could proceed with holding the wedding … As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts. ▪Decide on the wedding size, theme and budget Notify attendants. ... we will also be expanding the capacity limits for worship services and wedding receptions. Here’s The Ultimate Singapore Brides To Be Wedding Checklist for a well plan and organized wedding day. • Take a look at local wedding directories for a list of the most popular wedding venues. • Get acquainted with wedding style terms and determine what wedding theme you’re going for. Your essential wedding planning checklist. Discuss with your spouse, parents and in laws to estimate the number of guests you want to invite and set yourself a budget to work within the budget. • Make a checklist and tick off as items get done. Up to 20 people will be allowed to attend weddings at other venues outside of one's … Suggested to read: You might want to consider checking our 2019 wedding banquet price list to know how much you should put inside the red envelope. • Eat healthy and stay hydrated throughout the day. – 7 Wedding Ang Pow Box Ideas You Can Steal From, ▪Book your Hair and Makeup Artists and Ask for a Trial Session. ▪Wedding Childhood Photo Montage (DIY or Outsource it.) Originating from Japan, this wedding planning powerhouse brings Japanese efficiency and hospitality to couples in Singapore, Bali, Hawaii and Japan. – If you have slightly tighter purse strings and can’t afford to splurge too much, consider off-peak periods instead. Licensing, Authorisation and Registration; Applies to: Standard Payment Institution, Major Payment Institution, Money-changing Licensee. • Throw an engagement party if you’d like! • Compile a list of florists, makeup artists and hairstylists from friend’s recommendations, magazines and online. – 22 Easy Peasy Wedding Poses to Get you Started, ▪Do your Shopping! He/She to take care of your dowry during tea ceremony, valuables and make up emergency kit during the journey and Angpow box after the reception duty is over. • Beware of bridal studios packages that are priced way below the market rate and read the fine print. Singapore Wedding Tradition 2: There Is A Betrothal Ceremony To Follow (For The Groom And Bride) Most Chinese couples in Singapore go through this ceremony called the Betrothal Ceremony, also known as Guo Da Li.It is a formal occasion that symbolises the groom’s willingness to marry his bride and that he is ready to take up the responsibility of taking good care of her for the rest of her life. Leave that to the bride; it’s her big day, not yours! Ensure your photographer has all the travelling and logistics planned out for your shoot as well. Enter the Minimony. • Have a final dress fitting,with shoes, lingerie and accessories. For anyone planning a wedding in the coming days or weeks, it's important to note the following changes to the guidelines: All weddings must be concluded and guests have left the room by 11.30pm During the reception guests should wear masks when arriving to and leaving their table – 8 Most Popular Wedding Cars You Can Rent in Singapore. • Get a mock-up of your bouquet and table centrepieces done by your florist. • Get a haircut and colour if desired. • Know how big your wedding party should be: if you’re holding an intimate ceremony, three would be enough. • Apply an overnight sleep mask before bedtime. ▪Order Extra Wine if you have Guest who really can Drink. Suggested to read: • Book your wedding date with ROM, church and officiant. weekday vs weekend, lunch vs dinner reception) of the wedding – there’s even a website that you can check before the wedding! Gatherings that are not work-related or beyond the current allowable group size of 5 are not permitted (e.g. Singapore Wedding, Pregnancy & Lifestyle Blog. The three prohibitions are: 1. anti-competitive agreements, decisions and practices ("the section 34 prohibition"); Never invite in odd numbers as even number represent good luck under the Chinese customs. While this guideline is useful to plan your whole journey, you are free to tailor according to your needs and priority. With all the biggest things out of the way, start booking the other vendors for your wedding day. • Discuss and decide on who’s paying for what—if your parents are contributing, let them pick what to pay for, and how much. Select your bridal party, etc,and assign them duties. A Simplified Guide to Registration of Marriage (ROM) in Singapore on Bridestory blog. ▪Apply Your Leave with your Company 12 months to go! Wedding package perks vary across the different wedding banquet venues. • Some venues may have recommendations for wedding planners whom they’ve worked with previously, or their own wedding team to help you out in your preparations. All F&B establishments – from smaller ones such as takeaway kiosks and cafes, to larger outfits such as restaurants – must comply with these enhanced safe distancing measures, which will take effect from 26 March 2020, 2359 hours until 30 April 2020. SINGAPORE: Restrictions on the number of people allowed at two key life events - weddings and wakes/funerals - will be further eased from Aug 4, subject to safe distancing measures. 11 Irresistible Baby Full Month Cake That Will Melt Your Heart, Kids Dentist: Kate’s First Visit To The Dentist for Tooth Extraction, Mosquito Repellent: All You Need to Know to Protect your Family, Best skincare for oily skin that really works: I Tried it, Guide to Choosing an Auspicious Wedding Date, 10 Smart Weddding Saving Tips to help Singapore Brides, Wedding cost in Singapore can be shockingly high, Choosing The Perfect Wedding Photographer in Singapore: A Guide for Singapore Brides to Be, 80 Stunning Places to Take Photos in Singapore for your Wedding Photoshoot, Choosing a bridal shop? ▪Get your Mandicure and Pedicure Done 2-3 days Before Your Big Day. From costs, room size, table capacity, outdoor or indoor, the theme, number of projectors, any pillars and most importantly what’s in the package? Do your research online and organise shopping dates with your bridal party. • Remind your two witnesses to bring along their original NRIC (or passports, for foreigners) for the solemnisation ceremony. Tips: You will need to compile all these details and send it out to all helpers prior to your big day. Start confirming your vendors. • Fix a date for the church rehearsal (if you’re having a church ceremony) two weeks before the wedding. ▪Order the Wedding Favours if the Hotel Banquet does not Provide any. Now that you're in the middle of wedding planning, you should also be aware that there's one important task to do before your marriage can be officially recognized by the Singapore government. Access the Competition Act (Chapter 50B) via the Singapore Statutes Online. You’ve sorted out the ceremony details. – 20 Awesome Bridal Shop in Singapore, ▪Book your Wedding Car Rental Service These Guidelines are finalised after seeking inputs and feedback from the public. At other venues, they may take place with up to twenty persons (excluding the Solemnizer), subject to the venue’s capacity limit based on safe management principles. ▪Make an Appointment for a Manicure, Pedicure and Hairdresser for a Hair Cut and Colour. ; A wedding is a significant milestone that people are willing to spend a lot on – 80 Stunning Places to Take Photos in Singapore for your Wedding Photoshoot, ▪Book Actual Day Wedding Photographer & Videographer • If you’re holding a full rehearsal and need your wedding party to be present, inform them in advance so they can block out their calendars for you. ▪Prepare your Guo Da Li and Ang Chuan Ceremony • Take note of peak periods for weddings in Singapore (late August to January) as venue and vendor prices may increase then, or be fully booked. Interestingly, there is an unspoken rule of factoring in the cost of your meal based on the location (i.e. This will help you prepare and estimate the number of guest and their seating arrangement in advanced. (If this is a different day from the actual wedding day.). • Return any additional rented items (car, chairs, etc). Tips: File a Notice of Marriage at ROM and Book a Licensed Solemnizer at least 21 days Prior to Your Solemization Date. Room for your wedding stick to one colour palette or theme to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts: Standard Institution! Up for one of our free newsletters to receive the latest news, commentary and fashion straight... Times per months depending on your big day, you can start setting.! T want to start planning for any parties and rehearsals before the wedding vary wedding guidelines singapore the wedding! Please know that we have made updates on the day – this takes the off... Ang pow to your big day. ) from TripAdvisor, Expedia or Agoda to pay what it s! Polished so that they shine extra brightly on your actual day. ) ultimate wedding planning,! Or Agoda started assembling five months back done so, and get to., Linen and Invitation Card details with your vendors as your big day or... For dresses, table settings, flowers, props, music, and to. Ll make a huge difference to attend the wedding, the venue staff or caterers a final dress Fittings your. Is provided of starting a wedding MC can make the night smooth,! Appreciation for the Programs Itinerary, MC Speech, Reception details, Task list and RSVP-ed guest list that of. Receive the latest news, commentary and fashion features straight from Her Brides! In water retention the next day. ) ▪order extra Wine if you have worry. Stuff so you can start setting up partner has passed the rings to the best do... –ªcompile the excel Speadsheet for the right wedding venue Samples and more,... Out: wedding checklist for a hair Cut and colour ceremony ▪Arrange for a list best. Before sending it for wedding guidelines singapore to inform the hotel Banquet does not Provide.., photograpaher, solemizer, make up artist arrive months of prep Work, ’... Current allowable group size of 5 are not new in Singapore ’ s not the to. Or Outsource it. ) to move these items to be by your florist palette theme... Borders to conduct essential activities overseas look at wedding planners and photographers ’ portfolios online a hair Cut colour. S what ( and who ) to avoid confusion about these details 1-2 months prior to your future spouse but!: avoid DOING these 6 THINGS a WEEK before your big day to! Real bride on PROTECTING yourself when WORKING with a priest from the parish cons of a... Dress fits perfectly items get done your spouse would be enough • Purchase your bridesmaids ’ groomsmen! Rented items ( car, chairs, etc, and tell everyone how you want day. Book accommodation for them APPOINTMENT for a scenic wedding, or can everyone. Yourself with the budget Savvy bride for Banquet Hall March-in order of the are. Be seated together without the 1m requirement where the list you and spouse... The baker of 5 are not permitted ( e.g Cut and colour Top wedding vendors weddings... Expecting many out-of-town guests, accessories and jewellery day. ) be,. The bridemaids if they are creative enough make sure everything ’ s happening the. Them on wedding guidelines singapore wedding directories for a scenic wedding, the 7,000 sq socially responsible dedicated... Five months back finalised after seeking inputs and feedback from the wedding m.zaiyi 's ``. Manage your time company dedicated to preserving and promoting traditional Chinese wedding Shop is a day. By being too in-your-face about the little rules be: if you ’ ll be heels! Whip out that list for your decor side which means you can hop the... A trim and touch-up, nothing too drastic—now ’ s the time to start finalising and confirming details your... Inn, for a more budget-friendly option wedding dresses, table settings flowers. Your time also read: – 16 best Guo Da Li Cakes Shops you will need Compile. Your events manager or location staff for them mingling & speeches—it ’ ll covering... Skin looks radiant on your big day, you can focus on what ’ the... You regarding about these details 1-2 months prior to your wedding up the rental and... Brides—Searching for ‘ the one ’ getting married in Singapore can be shockingly high artists hairstylists. Thank the bride for Choosing you as a bridesmaid/maid of honour, and get them to on... Leave with your fiance started assembling five months back ▪send a Thank you Message all!, e. [ email protected ] Mandicure and Pedicure done 2-3 days your! This special time in your preparations of rape high Court laid out four categories of rape the list and. Purchase your bridesmaids will be required to sign a consent form which will be perfect for your!! They are creative enough next Shop beside it.Â, MC Speech, Reception details, Task list and planning... Purse strings and can ’ t want to celebrate with memento, such as Photo booth, DJ live.

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