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There are roughly 100 species of fescue grass. Tall fescue (Festuca arundinacea) is a very deep rooted, cool-season perennial grass. 300-500kg/ha 3 - 5kg/100m2 Matchplay Blend Lawns, parks, fairways Traditional blend of Ryegrass, Chewings Fescue … California Native Grass Seed Mixtures Erosion Control Mixtures Specialty Products Clovers SHOP About PACIFIC MEADOW - Fine Fescue Mixture Regular price $13.25 Sale … We have a wide range available to create quality, fine-leaved lawns to be the envy of your neighbours! • The newest improved varieties possess a rich dark green color, are uniform in leaf blade size and texture, and mow well. Our fine fescue offerings provide a wide range of high-quality, low-maintenance seed species with varying colors and growth densities. While 85% Turf type tall fescue and 15% Kentucky Bluegrass. When to plant fine fescue grass seed? Fine Ryegrass is a clean cutting, fine textured grass that establishes quickly from seed. Buy here! Fine fescue is an informal term used for several species of fescue with long, thin blades that are unsuitable for pastures or grazing but do well as lawn grasses in cool, shady areas. The Best Time to Plant Tall Fescue Grass Seed Since tall fescue grass is a cool-season grass , the best time to plant is late fall or early spring. Find Fescue grass & grass seed at Lowe's today. It has a bunch-type growth habit and prefers to grow in low nutrient soils as well as moderately cool climates like coastal regions of the Northwest and Northeast United States/Canada. 50 lb. Our genetically superior grass seed, soil enhancers, fertilizers, and organic lawn products will transform your lawn and help it thrive. Find varieties such as Kentucky 31, Triple Crown, and mixes. Our local stores do … When to Plant Fescue Grass Seed. This premium cool-season blend of turf-type tall fescue varieties brings your lawn improved resistance to heat, cold, shade, drought and disease. GCI Turf Cool Blue is a 4 way mixture of high quality Turf Type Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass seed. $169.99 50 lbs. Find Bulk Lawn Fescue Grass Seed at wholesale costs at Caudill Seed! I used it to overseed an existing fine fescue lawn which was spotty due to my neglectful watering practices (central Ohio). Unlike grasses that spread by above- and below-ground stems, known as stolons and rhizomes respectively, tall fescue is a bunch-forming grass. Chewings Fescue Grass Seed is a fine-leaved cool season bunch grass... $169.99 5 lbs. Planting Fine Fescue Planting fine fescue lawn grass seed is easy and is best done in the fall when high temps are in the eighties or lower. RTF - Rhizomatous Tall Fescue Yellow Jacket Enhanced Seed Coating Monaco Bermudagrass Turf Products Annual Ryegrass Bermudagrass Creeping Bentgrass Fine Fescue Kentucky Bluegrass Perennial Ryegrass Tall Fescue In dense shade, you should increase the amount, up to even 100 percent. Creeping red fescue is rhizomatous in nature, while chewings fescue and hard fescue are bunch type Fine fescues have fine textured leaves, grow well in shade, use less nitrogen and water, and are suited to northern climates. Having low fertility and maintenance requirements, creeping red fescue will tolerate a wide range Look for a grass seed mix with at least 50 percent fine fescue. Legacy fine fescue grass seed mixture is the perfect solution to those difficult-to-manage turf areas. Creeping red fescue, Festuca rubra L., is a cool season, fine fescue turfgrass with a tillering, rhizome spreading type root structure. It is ideal for a premium lawn that will tolerate low mowing and when blended with fine fescue … Subscribe You have been successfully subscribed to … Click here for more information. The best time to plant fescue grass (Festuca spp.) Fine Fescue (Festuca rubra spp.) Establishment: 18 to 21 days Excellent shade tolerance and establishes rapidly. is usually early fall, but timing also depends on fescue type and local climate. Jonathan Green Black Beauty® grass seed mixtures contain a blend of tall fescue, Kentucky bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass seed. Learn more about this grass and how to grow it in the article that follows. It guarantees that they have the right conditions of temperature and climate they need to grow up well and strong. $169.99 10 lbs. Legacy blend is hard fescue grass seed, chewings fescue grass seed and creeping red fescue grass seed, specially blended for optimum performance under the highest turf grass management, or planted as a cover for naturalizing low maintenance or native settings. is the name used to describe a number of different temperate turf types including chewings fescue, hard fescue, sheeps fescue and creeping or red fescue. Lawns in cool areas with plenty of shade will benefit from a turf sown with fine fescue. For heavy shade Grass seed farms today are responsible for about 3,500 employees, and produce 800 million pounds of grass seed. This grass seed germinated great in my backyard in partial shade, even in the summer. Buy fine grass seed online from What is fine fescue? Follow best practices for tall fescue seeding – from seed selection through post-planting care – and you'll start your lawn on the path to outstanding resilience and beauty. Remove any fallen leaves and make sure the soil is damp. Red fescue grass seed has a high tolerance for cold temperatures and shade, moderate tolerance for drought and wear, and low tolerance for heat. It performs as a drought tolerant lawn grass. Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed is a good example. Shop grass & grass seed and a variety of lawn & garden products online at We became known for having “weed free” grass seed and the new ones are no different. Species now include annual and perennial ryegrass, tall and fine fescues, orchardgrass and bentgrass. Tall fescue tolerates shade better than all cool-season grasses except fine fescues. When only the best will do, choose this superior blend of high quality ryegrasses and slender creeping red fescue. $169.99 25 lbs. Smart Seed Tall Fescue Blend Enjoy a resilient, durable, dark green lawn you can be proud of with Pennington Smart Seed Tall Fescue. Best for Cool Season: Nature's Seed Fine Fescue Grass Seeds Blend Buy on Amazon The mix in Nature’s Seed Fine Fescue Grass Seeds Blend is collected from wild land seed collectors and growers to blend with the company’s own choice seeds from its production fields. Sheep's fescue is a drought resistant grass, commonly used on poor, well-drained mineral soil. Historically, grass seed farmers have been able to produce highly dependable fine fescue seed yields in part due to the ability to practice thermal residue management practices (open-field burning) after harvest (Figure 2). The grass discovered and then bred by Dr. Fergus is a cultivar – or variety – of tall fescue and it was this grass that was first planted in home lawns. Now, if you want plant fine fescue, you’ll need to do it during the right time of the year. Fine fescue germinates well in the fall when temperatures are slowly falling from a mild 75 degrees Fahrenheit. How to Plant Tall Fescue Grass Seed Starting your tall fescue lawn with The Rebels ® Brand premium seed gives you complete control to create a lawn that perfectly suits your needs. Arkansas Valley Seed provides a great selection of fine fescue grass seeds for residential and commercial lawns, sods farms, golf courses, and parks. Bridgeport II Chewing Fescue Grass Seed Chewing's fescue is typically medium green Chewing's fescue is typically medium green in color and has good shade tolerance. Quality Fine Grass Seed creates a premium, ornamental lawn, suitable for lawns that won’t suffer much wear and tear.Suitable to show off your front lawn or for those where maintaining the lawn is a … Fescue grass is … Although tall fescue and fine fescue are members of the same grass family, there are significant differences in … You can seed fine fescue according to things like the month or soil temperature, but for this post I’ll be showing you the seasonal approach. Prices, Promotions, styles, and availability may vary. Premium blend of fine dark green Ryegrass, Chewings Fescue and Creeping Red Fescue.

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